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My name is Janne Hämäläinen and I am Finnish photographer. I specialize in portrait photography but also enjoy many other areas in the field of photography. I took my first pictures somewhere late 70s but really started learning the skills beginning of 2000.

Services – Skills – Quality

My photography services are always customized and tailored to your needs. Whether you need a new profile picture or photographer to some events I’m sure we would be able to get suitable photography package for you.

Beside private customers I’m also available for corporate photography tasks that may include employee, product or advertising photography. I’ll work all over the country and abroad as well if needed.

I’ve trained myself by participating many different photography courses both national and international. Beside these courses I have also formal professional photographer degree.

I always plan the photo shoot in advance and I prefer meeting the client before the shoot to align the needs and visions. Actual shoot is done using professional camera equipment from Nikon and often I use Swiss made studio flashes from Elinchrom. Post processing is done using Adobe products and my methods often follow the latest international trends. Actual photo printing is outsourced to one of the leading Finnish professional photo labs. I can also utilize international photo labs to make prints available to you with as minimal work as possible.

Photography is a skill that needs training and I’m dedicated to keep my skills up to date as well as the services and products I offer. This is done to serve you the best possible quality with minimal hassle.
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About my company – Nordicview(.com)

Everything started somewhere in early 2000. I had a web site that was mostly focused to present my landscape photographs. As I was presenting both the views from Nordic region but also Nordic viewpoint to sceneries all of the world this was natual way to gave my company the name Nordic View. As I had my domain already registered I decided to register my company with that very same name. Nordicview.com was born.

Nordicview.com is registered company and also member of Finnish Entrepreneur association (Suomen Yrittäjät)


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